A Pinay Dietitian’s Journey of becoming a US RDN/RD

I am writing this now after 5 days I passed the RD exam! I am still thrilled, excited, happy and thankful. I promised to myself that I will be writing a narrative to inspire and to impart the process I’ve been through up to this moment that I am an RDN and I have to insert some personal details as well. 😉

When did I aspire to become a registered dietitian?

Do you know the feeling of, during the process, you have learned to love, you realized that you don’t get tired while working and at the same time, you feel accomplished and happy inside? That’s exactly how I felt through the years. I began to love it, everything about it.

The start of the career.

I initially took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing in First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities and then shifted to Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in Centro Escolar University back in 2004. I finished the college degree in four years. I had to take summer classes ‘coz I wanted to finish early. By year August 2008, I passed the Registration of Nutritionist-Dietitians Exam in the Philippines.

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By October 2008,I took a Post-graduate training on Diabetes Education which I appreciate the learnings more and more through the years.

Then, by November 2008, I got my first job at Our Lady of the Pillar Medical Center in Imus, Cavite as a Hospital Dietitian. I spent my 2+ years in the said hospital. Imus, Cavite is farther from Manila, however, I really wanted to take the opportunity and never regretted the time I was there.

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I’ve learned a lot professionally and personally. While working as a Hospital Dietitian, I took the chance to study Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition which I finished 30+ units, however, I get hold of it but deep inside, I would like to finish what I  started.

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By year 2011, I decided to go back to my hometown. Luckily, the night I got home, the doctor/owner of the new/first hospital built in Teresa, Rizal called me. I accepted the challenge to pioneer the dietary department of the hospital. Then, unknowingly, I had 3 years professional experience already.

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In addition to that 3 years professional experience, I did some part-time jobs and was able to work/travel to different places which I really enjoyed!

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It was a seminar lead by Dr. Dykes sometime in 2008 i believe that informed us of the opportunity of reciprocity. It opened my mind of that possibility. Out of my curiosity, I went to Professional Commission Regulation to ask more about it.

So I found out that to be verified by PRC, I have to comply to the following requirements:

1. 3 years experience
*Specific Reason should be written in your COE. (I forgot the exact phrase I have to put in, please ask PRC. :))
2. PRC License
3. Resume

Disclaimer: Our life is very unpredictable. Although we want something but it is not destined to be that way, we’ll just have to always move forward and be happy.  . . To make it short, I did not imagine that a guy from the other part of the globe will send me love. He is very genuine and humble person. And so, everything is a history. Last 2013, we got married in USA.


So, before I flew to USA, I completed my requirements and I made sure that I have the Verification Statement issued by PRC with me. (Meaning, PRC is verifying you that you are able to take the RDN exam by Commission on Dietetic Registration. ) I was just thinking ahead, being proactive of the possibility that I might took the exam soon ‘coz you know it is hard to go back to the Philippines to process such documents.

First work in USA.

I wrote articles online. I wrote nutri-related articles for Sampateek.com, recipe development and tweet blurbs.


Also, I find ways to use my profession so I made the Online Dietitian For Pinoys, I was able to make diet plans to Pinoys back in the Philippines still.(Update: the facebook page could also be searched as Bits and Pieces) So my first actual job here in USA was waitress/busser/cashier job.  11049385_438988342925073_516358201_nIt is very knew to me because I have to lift heavy stuff which I rarely do back in the Philippines but, I think of it as an exercise. Endless walking, answering calls, talking, serving etc which helped me improve my communication and social skills. Also, at the back of my head, I was thinking that this experience will help me understand more about being a foodservice worker. It was a first-hand experience and again, I am happy I met good people again. They inspired me ‘coz at a young age, they are working hard to reach their dreams.
Few days after I am working as a waitress, I was hired as a food service supervisor in a Skilled Nursing Facility (senior care). While I am working here, I started applying for the elegibility to take the RDN exam. What did I do? I read eatright.org. I studied the process…. https://febbyl.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/how-to-get-the-reciprocity-privilege/
I emailed Ms. Peggy in regards to my interest to take the exam. She sent me a packet containing the information on how to apply for the RDN exam.

To comply, first, I  had to pay for the service of World Education Services to  verify my Transcript of Records (It will determine whether your BS degree is the same BS Degree as to USA’s BS Degree) https://www.wes.org/ (Thanks to my alma mater Centro Escolar University for making the verification easy).
I completed all the requirements and sent the packet to Commission on Dietetic Registration.
Few weeks after, they respond saying I am eligible to take the exam last September 2014.

Learn from your mistakes.

I studied by reading everything in detail. My consultant dietitian at work even lend me her Inman Reviewer and CDR book. However, what I thanked God for is this first try led me and my cousin to meet again. We both attended Inman’s review class and we both flew to Texas, USA.

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The bonding is memorable for both of us! 🙂

We also met new friend 🙂 10898028_10153103359611834_6749511669291748549_n

I tried taking the exam but I failed the first time. I know that on my first take, my review was not yet enough. I lacked practice in taking computerized examinations.


On my first take, I have decided to quit my waitress job and focused more on studying and by being a food service supervisor. (Being a food service supervisor here in USA really requires technical and human skill. This job mold me so much. I matured. )



However, situations vary really, my staffing in dietary became unstable and I got really busy and toxic so I moved my second exam date from June to July 2015. I took it then I failed again. That time, I was with a group study via Skype. I thanked those people ‘coz I learned as well however, my effort might not yet be enough.  2nd failure is harder to accept so I already motivated myself more and I need to do something about it.

Standing Up.

So, I wrote my weak areas and  focused on those. I studied mostly every night but of course I don’t forget to relax and take it lightly. This 3rd take, I tried to study by myself. I became more disciplined. No music while studying. Study first then stop to watch my favorite Filipino Drama and or listen to music.
Also, this 3rd time I was able to internalize every single page I am studying. I put myself in the real setting. Exam’s here are very situational rather than objective questions. I practiced answering computerized questions which really helped me a lot. It made me feel more comfortable rather than nervous while taking the exam. Compared to the first two takes, I rattle with time, the last one I am more relaxed which I realized 2 1/2 hours is enough to finish the exam.

Again, i thought of postponing the exam ‘coz I got so busy at work but good thing, I did not postpone my exam scheduled September 12, 2015, 1:00 pm in Oakland, Ca.
The week before the exam, I studied Mon night, 9 to 11pm, Tue, 9 to 11 pm, Thursday 9 to 11pm, Friday 7am to 12noon, 4pm to 6pm, 9pm to 11pm. Then, the next day was my exam!
I scheduled my exam by 1pm so I woke up 9am, lied to bed relax, watched funny videos, danced to music and by 10:30am I answered some computerized questions again just to make myself ready. After 30 minutes, I prepared, ate and prayed before we leave the house.


I went to the testing area. I put all my things inside the locker. I asked for a pen, calculator, and a writing pad. After two hours, the lady waited for the result and then read it and said congratulations. I was like “Why did she say congratulations?” I read it and It says I passed the exam! I couldn’t explain the feeling I had that time!



I immediately called my husband and mom. So on my way home, every bits and pieces of memories flashback up to that moment.
Just like my husband says, it is only the beginning. Continuously improve and don’t stop. My family back in the Philippines reminded me to stay grounded. My friends in the Philippines and even here in USA supported me. You guys are all positive and encouraging. .

In addition, the drive to never stop trying is so strong because I have invested time, money and emotions already. However, passing the exam is only bits and pieces of our individuality. There are a lot of opportunities out there. I am just truly happy because by this accomplishment, my life and others’ life is going to change for the better.


These are the reviewers that I recommend:

  1. Inman Reviewer
    1.  http://inmanassoc.com/
  2. Visual Veggies
    1. Referral Name: Jenalyn Eve Kim
    2. http://visualveggies.com/ 11363788_1619285221687223_312522749_a

By the way, you can now take the RDN exam in the Philippines. The nearest Pearson Vue office is located in Makati. Goodluck and May God bless us all!

If you like the article or if you have questions, please comment below. 🙂

P.S. Being an RDN is only the start of everything. 🙂

Thank you Lord for everything. May you continuously grant all my heart’s desires. I still have a lot to improve on myself but this accomplishment made me super happy. If I can pass, you guys can pass too! No doubt.

I spent $200 for every exam.
Spent $200 for the WES
Spent $100+ for visual veggies
Spent $500 for nutrition books, all my books are in Philippines so I have to buy
Spent $375 for Inman Seminar
Spent $60 CDR
Spent $200 for CDR practice Exam
Approximately, I spent almost $2K.
It is indeed an investment!
Once you pass, you have to pay for ID, annual dues, seminars etc.

Anyways, Fighting!



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Funny Grandma and the Birds

Short Funny Scene:

One afternoon, I knocked on Grandma Marys’ door. As I enter the room, she’s still staring on her veranda. Slowly, her attention shifts unto me then I asked, Hi, grandma how are you?

I’m good. Can you give me a piece of bread?

Me asking why…

Oh, I want to feed the birds. 

Hmmm… I couldn’t coz rats might eat it instead.

After a minute, she said. I am hungry, can you give me a slice of bread?

Me: of course. But promise me, you won’t feed the birds okay? Then she goes okay promise cross my heart.
Okay, promise (all with actions) I find that very cute. Grandma was really lauging inside as I leave her room. Can’t disobey her because she said she is hungry but I know she is not. She is just very witty at times.

So, I got her bread. And she starts to hand-slice it but haven’t seen her eat it.
Have to leave though…..

After 4 hours, I asked her, did you like your bread? Yes, I ate half of it.
Me: good! =)
I looked at the veranda, I saw the bits of bread lying on the floor.

I told her, ohhh but I have a proof coz the pieces of bread are on the floor.

We laugh afterwards. Laughing hard! =)

Disclaimer: We are preventing pests from coming in. Also, there were no birds that time. They sometimes and randomly flew in. Grandma is 98 years old.

Still, a good laugh is a very good medicine!

I found what I am looking for :)

I am very curious on the scent of Katy Perry’s Pur . I am happy it is available online and I can buy it now. 🙂 I was reading the comments and hopefully I will be satisfied with the scent. Have you bought this already? Did you like it?

SOON. part 2.

Hello there!

This is the continuation.9/4/16

I bought Katy Perr’s Pur in few months now. I liked it because it has a powder-like scent, mild. It may be strong on the first spray but after a while, the scent is going to be powdery. I even asked myself, wait up’, what is the smell? Is that me? Hahah!

Long Time No See, My Beloved WordPress!

It is been a while since I write here.

I feel good because the things that I was thinking before is written and it’s good to see it again. 🙂 I was asking myself, did I really say that? hehe!

Anyway, I have a new life here now in CA.

Oh, I had a great opportunity! I am now a freelance web writer for Sampateek.com

Hope you’ll visit that website. It’s cool!

Life Lessons

1. Love yourself.

2. Accept yourself.

3. Love God above all things

4. Dont be insecure.

5. Chase your dreams

6. Love the guy who would love you wholeheartedly